Muzikanten reageren op overlijden Tom Petty

Tom Petty

Gisteravond maakten Amerikaanse media bekend dat Tom Petty op 66-jarige leeftijd is overleden. De singer-songwriter werd na een hartstilstand in zijn huis in Malibu gevonden en direct daarna opgenomen in het ziekenhuis, waar hij later overleed. Verschillende muzikanten lieten hun ongeloof en medeleven zien via sociale media.

De meeste artiesten uiten hun waardering voor Petty’s muziek en zijn bijdrage aan rockmuziek:

Anderen delen herinneringen en condoleances aan de familie:

Onze in memoriam van Tom Petty lees je hier.

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  1. Frits Bos 3 oktober 2017 Reageer

    En dit zegt de mindere bekende muzikant Dan Baird.
    Bron: Facebook Dan Baird.

    For me, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers were a rock and roll band that came onto the scene when the pigeon hole genres were taking over. Punk rock, new wave, heavy, hard, prog, glam, etc. There were a bunch of em. Not that they were at all bad. Some great bands came out of those rebranding and fashion trends. I was going along with the times and trying to find music I related to inside those brands, but something was missing for me.
    And here comes this rock and roll band that doesn’t apologize for being just that.
    2 guitars, B3, piano, bass and drums. Sing along choruses, tight punchy songs, great simple arrangements played by a gang of mo-fos on each instrument and a shaman/believer for a front man and songwriter disguised as an everyman.
    They’d picked up rock and roll and placed it onto a trajectory that seemed like the simplicity of what they were reintroducing had never stopped. It had. Was very close to complete dismissal.
    Their whole “We just don’t need anything new, other than more great songs” was a bold move in the face of the change. Obviously it struck a chord with me.
    Yes they dabbled in new sounds after a few years, but it somehow sounded organic inside the song. Acoustic ballads got more common, but it felt right because of the conviction and honesty of both band and singer (didn’t hurt that those ballads contained some of Tom’s finest lyric either).
    The live shows could have been a greatest hits for 2 hours. They weren’t. Great covers, older obscure numbers, new songs.
    To me, his North Star might have gotten hidden behind the clouds now and then, but when they cleared, look out, shit was back on.
    Thank you for showing the way to work inside a traditional medium and not sacrifice integrity, heart and soul.
    A rock and roller of the highest order to the end.

  2. Frits Bos 4 oktober 2017 Reageer

    Bron: Facebook Peter Wolf.

    What an unbelievable loss. Tom worked very hard at everything he did and always with a deep passion and a great sense of dignity. He certainly carved his own way in the music biz while remaining one of the good guys.
    I’ll remember his warmth, generosity and sense of humor always. My deepest condolences to his beloved wife Dana, family, band mates and crew. RIP Tom, may you “ride down the king’s highway.” PW

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